Granite Cleaning Tips

Genuine Granite sinks are all made of materials which resist staining, provided they are cleaned in the correct manner with an appropriate cleaning agent. Research indicates that staining on Granite (synthetic) sinks is much more common in hard water areas because limescale tends to cling to the surface and unless cleaned off becomes stained with tea, coffee etc. It is therefore the limescale which is staining not the sink material. Most people will use bleach to clean a stained sink and it will appear to have done the job, but within a few days the sink will appear to be stained again. The reason for this is simple, bleach will not remove limescale it will only remove the stain from the limescale, leaving the bleached limescale behind, which will in turn start staining again immediately.

In order to keep a granite (synthetic) sink in pristine condition you must remove the build up of limescale at regular intervals, maybe once a week or more dependent on your water conditions. There are many products on the market that are suitable for removing limescale, some you may already have in your cupboards eg. lime/lemon juice, vinegar, dishwasher powder mixed to a paste with water,dishwasher gel, some bio wash powders, Bar keepers friend, Astonish paste and cream. All of these products should remove limescale from the surface of the sink, but the secret is to use a green scotchbrite type pad to loosen and remove the limescale.


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