Tastes bad, smells bad and looks even worse!

When you turn on your kitchen tap, can you pour yourself a jug full of crystal clear water that tastes, smells and looks as clean and fresh as a mountain stream? Or are you - like so many householders, left with gallons of chlorinated water that tastes and smells more like a swimming pool than a mountain spring and looks even worse? In thousands of homes, what comes out of the kitchen tap is anything but encouraging. sand, grit, dirt, rust, scale particles and other unwelcome 'foreign bodies' are commonplace; so are some very off-putting discolourations and even more off-putting tastes and odours. Water authorities are constantly
striving to improve filtration, and to find less offensive alternatives to chlorine for disinfecting our domestic water supplies. But it may well be many years before an affordable answer can be found.

A compact under sink water filtration unit
The cost of renovating the water supply system on a national or
regional scale is so prohibitive that only you can make your family's drinking water cleaner and clearer in the foreseeable future. And thanks to technological spin off from scientific developments a new kind of compact water filtration unit is now available for installation and use in the home.

The Springclear AC200 is an amazing new filtration unit, so small that it tucks away neatly under the kitchen sink, and operates entirely from your normal mains water pressure. Its new technology filtration cartridge instantly removes:
. The 'swimming pool' taste of chlorine
. Musty and metallic tastes
. Offensive smells associated with 'off- tastes'
. Discolouration
. Particles of dirt, sand, scale and rust.

Yet surprisingly the Springclear AC200 unit allows a full continuous flow of crystal clear, spring-fresh water to pour from your normal kitchen tap . . . very different from old-fashioned ceramic filters that often reduce delivery to an infuriating trickle and require the fitting of a special tap in addition to your normal one. The Springclear AC200 unit is quickly and easily fitted, either by a DIY person, or by a plumber, and once installed requires no maintenance beyond a regular two-minute replacement of the low-cost filter cartridge.
Important. - The Springclear AC200 unit contains no silver or lead, and does not remove health-giving Calcium and Magnesium salts dissolved in water.

High-tech, two-part, micro-mesh filter
A remarkable new type of filter cartridge is the high technology heart of the Springclear AC200. It is made of two components, each performing a uniquely different function: The lower part is made of white cellulose fibres, tightly spun and resin impregnated. These fibres create a micro-mesh weave so efficient that it filters and removes all particles as small as 5 microns (.0002") - about the size of a single speck of talcum powder! The upper part of the cartridge contains a deep bed of high-grade activated carbon granules which remove taste, odour and discolouration. The complete cartridge is contained in a very strong and hygienic housing that will not corrode or rust. The incoming cold water is forced (by normal mains pressure) through the micro-mesh weave where dirt, rust and other 'foreign bodies' are removed. Clean filtered water then passes up through the activated carbon granules where all obnoxious tastes, odours and Colour are eliminated. The emerging water is then piped to the cold water tap, filtered of particles, colour and odour - and tasting as clean and fresh as a mountain spring!

Really easy - installs in next to no time!
The Springclear AC200 is simple to fit - it is tucked inside the kitchen sink cabinet and plumbed into the rising cold main which leads to the kitchen tap only. The sump below the filter head unscrews in a jiffy, so that the filtration cartridge can be fitted and removed in a moment. Detailed, illustrated, step-by- step fitting and maintenance instructions are included with each filter. The Springclear filter cartridge should be replaced regularly - at least every 3 months or more dependent on local water conditions. No other maintenance of any kind is required. The Springclear AC200 filters water to one tap only. It is designed to work under normal domestic conditions, within a pressure range of 30-125 psi (2- 8 bar). The maximum operating temperature should not exceed 100F (37C). The filter is only for use on potable water supplies.

For clean, fresh, natural tasting water.
The Springclear AC200 is for use in a normal domestic environment, under the sink, in the kitchen. It's compact size, ease of installation and many applications make it an ideal product for your kitchen. Before installation it is necessary only to ensure that the simple operating criteria required for satisfactory filtration (see "INSTALLATION" section on this page) are available. The Springclear AC200 will greatly improve the taste, purity and quality of water used in all kinds of ways.
So many Benefits in the Home
Wine Making
Drinking Water
Hand Washing




Option Cart 11
Genuine Tapmate Replacement
Cartridges to fit the AC200 Filter

Inline Water Filtration System "type B"
Fits the Tapmate Springclear AC200 Housing

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